100 Hour Inspections

100 hour inspections are more common among Part 135 operations who fly for hire because of the number of hours flown; however, they do apply to private aircraft owners under Part 91. 100 hour inspections cover the same ground as an annual inspection, just on an hourly basis, rather than a calendar year.

100 hour inspections do not take the place of an annual inspection; rather they work in conjunction to ensure that the aircraft continues to operate in an airworthy condition. An A&P can do 100 hour inspections, but only an A&P with an Inspection Authorization (IA) can do the annual and Aircraft Alaska is well-equipped with both A&P and IA mechanics.

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Pre-Buy Inspections

A Pre-Buy Inspection is an important part of the decision-making process when purchasing a used aircraft. Aviation in Alaska can be rough on aircraft and it’s important to know the condition of the plane before purchase.

We conduct a Pre-Buy Inspection similar to an Annual Inspection, paying attention to the engine, structure and covering of the aircraft, as well as a review of its paperwork and logbooks. Additional items may also be inspected based on the known history of the plane.

A Pre-Buy Inspection takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete and if the customer purchases the plane in a reasonable amount of time, we will credit that time towards a completed Annual Inspection for that aircraft. Any repair work for items found during the inspection will be discussed with the new owner and charged at the normal labor rate.

100 Hour Inspections & Pre-Buy Inspections by Aircraft Alaska