General Maintenance and Repairs

One of the best things you can do for your airplane is to fly it.  An aircraft that is seldom flown will deteriorate from lack of use, resulting in costly repairs.  This could be avoided by regular flight and maintenance which can help the owner to catch the small problems before they become a big issue. Preventative maintenance is something the owner/operator is allowed to do but would rather pay a mechanic to do for them. Some preventative maintenance services we provide are oil/filter changes, wheels/brakes/bearing inspection, tire changes, light bulb replacement, servicing landing gear, etc.

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General Aircraft Repairs

Most general maintenance is performed at the time of the annual inspection. General repairs would be the items that are identified as a discrepancy during the inspection. A list of discrepancies is given to the customer at the end of the inspection.  They have the option to have the deficiencies repaired or wait until a later date. Discrepancies need to be corrected before the aircraft can be returned to service.

We can do Major/Minor Repairs and Alterations along with various STC modifications.