Annual Inspections

Annual Inspections are a necessary part of the aircraft owner’s life and Aircraft Alaska is ready to assist and help maintain compliance with FAA regulations.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that an inspection of the aircraft be completed once every twelve months or every 100 hours of flight time. This inspection includes all of the aircraft systems, such as the engine, fuselage, propellor, landing gear, hydraulic and brake systems, etc. These systems must be inspected according to the Federal Aviation Regulations (“The annual inspection shall be performed in accordance with FAR 43.15(c)”) and the manufacturers established guidelines.

Included in the Annual Inspection is mandatory Airworthiness Directive (AD) compliance. These directives are written by the FAA and are designed to correct identified issues within aircraft systems. Aviation mechanics are required to review the ADs applicable to the particular aircraft and confirm that they have been complied with. Aircraft Alaska subscribes to a system providing all Manufacturer Service Bulletins and FAA Airworthiness Directives to provide accurate information during your Annual Inspection.

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At times, an aircraft owner will ask to assist in the Annual Inspection process.  This is a great option to reduce costs by allowing the owner to complete non-inspection tasks, such as removing cowlings, inspections covers and aircraft interiors as well as performing FAA owner-allowed preventative maintenance items. It also gives the opportunity for the owner to learn more about the plane and the maintenance needed to keep it in good running order. All actual inspection items will be performed by Aircraft Alaska Inc in accordance with the guidelines mentioned above.