Float Changes

Want to fly floats in the summer and wheels or skis in the winter? We can make that landing gear change for you.  Located at Wolf Lake in Wasilla, Alaska, the float pond is located only 1 block from our hangar and we have the ability to pull your plane out of the water.  Our shop has a hoist and additional stabilizers to safely suspend the aircraft inside the hangar.

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Here’s what a Float Change entails:

1 – The airplane will be towed into the hangar and hoisted by the rings on top of the fuselage.

2 – The main gear and tailwheel/nose gear are removed and the landing gear attach brackets and float hardware will be attached to the airframe, along with the fuselage pulleys and cable guides for the water rudder cables.

3 – Rudder return springs are added if necessary.

4 – If the plane has cowl flaps, they will be adjusted to open further.

5 – Finally the floats are attached to the brackets and rigged and the water rudders adjusted if necessary.

Then, you’re ready to fly again!